Welcome to Vivacious Dish!

Vivacious DisI am so glad you have decided to join me in this journey toward a vibrant life. Let’s begin with a simple dish.  For a starter I’ll be serving up my philosophy on cooking and health. These are the foundation of my quest to discover lifelong wellness. I hope that you, too, will find enjoyment and inspiration in the posts to come. Eating is a spiritual experience. A sharing of love, an expression of gratitude for the bounty, an indulgence of all the senses. Often, when organic ingredients come direct from the farmer’s market, the experience is so fresh you can almost taste the nutrients and the labor that went into cultivating something so ripe and real.

Cooking is art. A bringing together of raw ingredients, each with its own unique flavor and beauty, and crafting them - transforming them - into a masterpiece on a plate. All the senses are engaged in the process.

Food is an expression of culture. All of my recipes are inspired by the places I’ve traveled and the people and essences I’ve fallen in love with there. Flavors intertwined with foreign tongues and picturesque views. There is no better way to get to know a place and its people than to share a meal or two.

Find zen in your kitchen. I always listen to good music while I cook. And I focus my mind on manifesting love and thanksgiving while I work, adding these “flavors” to the food. I swear you can taste them. Every meal I create is a practice in generosity and connecting to food as a life source, a way to nourish people I care about.