This woman, Kathryn Rogers, is the real deal. I had the great fortune of experiencing her amazing chef service for a weekend retreat that I hosted a few weeks ago in San Diego. I have a boutique coaching business and I pride myself on creating magical experiences for my clients. This means the food needs to be top notch and Kathryn not only met my expectations, she surpassed them with ease. Let’s start with her food. SO GOOD. It was healthy AND delicious. She accommodated several food allergies and preferences without blinking an eye and made every meal something to look forward to. Next, I have to mention how gracious she is. This woman has a generous, beautiful soul and she puts all of herself into her work. Any request we had was met with an immediate yes. If I sound like I’m a huge fan of hers it’s because I am and I can’t wait to work with her again and again.

My husband and I have had the pleasure of sampling Chef Kathryn’s amazing dishes. Some highlights for us include her paleo banana bread and her preparation of pasture-raised, local, and sustainable beef. She is personal, thoughtful and passionate about food. She has inspired us to incorporate “slow foods” into our culinary lifestyle. Our weekly trips to the farmers markets allow us to support our local farmers, and buy food that is both sustainably sourced and delicious!

I’d had the desire to transition to a gluten-free, refined sugar-free diet for a while, but Chef Kathryn was really the one who inspired me to finally make that transition. She offered advice, tips and beautiful recipes and made the whole process not only easy, but also pleasurable. Her Loving Desserts Workshop was a wonderful reminder that eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up on delicious sweets. I really appreciated Chef Kathryn’s professionalism and her willingness to share her knowledge and years of experience connecting people through healthy and beautiful food. She approaches nutrition and wellness as an art and a spiritual experience; her vision is contagious!
— Julliette Brezin

I LOVE your Pumpkin Cheesecake, Chakra Chocolates and grain-free pastries. They may be the tastiest and healthiest I have had. Thank you for your loving preparation of this nourishing food. I will definitely be purchasing more from you!
— Melinda DIXon