About Chef KATHRYN

Chef Kathryn Rogers grew up helping her mom in the kitchen. Some of her earliest memories are standing on a stool cutting out Christmas cookies and rolling pretzel dough into animal shapes. Now many years later, she continues to share her love of cooking with the local community. She lives in San Diego, where she creates experiences for people to taste delicious foods, gather with friends and community, and learn how to use natural, healthy ingredients in creative ways.

Her Vivacious Desserts - made with natural (nothing processed or refined), organic ingredients - are inspired by creative takes on classic favorites with a healthy twist - raw chocolate truffles rolled in coconut and cinnamon, creamy cauliflower cherry vanilla ice cream, and no-bake carrot cake with cashew cream cheese frosting. Her inspiration for these taste sensations is the freedom from pain and chronic inflammation she found when removing refined sugar and processed grains from her diet, and she loves sharing the deliciousness with the local community. Her treats are an invitation to indulge, nourish your body and activate your taste buds.

Through Vivacious Dish, Chef Kathryn offers farm-to-table dinners, specialty desserts and personal chef services for retreats and private events. She loves nourishing people with naturally grown, delicious food.


5 Principles for Vivacious Living


Cook with Love

Turn on your favorite music and focus on thoughts of love and gratitude, adding these “flavors” to your food. Let every meal you create be a practice in generosity and connecting to food as a life source and a way to nourish people you care about, yourself included.


Express Yourself

Food is the cornerstone of culture - an expression of our unique life experiences intertwined with the flavors of our ancestors. Welcome the wisdom of your personal journey to infuse the food you create, and enjoy the experience of sharing a part of your life and spirit with the guests who come to your table.


Think Globally, Act Locally

Families, neighborhoods, villages, cultures, and global communities must come together to develop solutions dedicated to a holistic approach to health and wellness. Together, we have the power to change our food system and the world. Buy organic/pesticide-free, get to know your local farmers, ask your food producers questions about how they raise their animals and treat their workers. Sustainable nourishment happens through collaboration and informed decision-making. Vote with your dollar for a food system you believe in.


Let Mother Nature Guide You

Like a painter with her palette, you are an artist in the kitchen. This is your time to tune into the unique flavor and beauty of each raw ingredient and craft them – transform them – into a masterpiece on your plate. Engage all your senses in the process and be nourished body and soul.

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Eat with Intention

Every time you sit down for a bite or a meal, wrap yourself in gratitude and love for nature’s bounty. For all the plants, animals and people who made your beautiful dish possible. And for your strong and healthy body for receiving the nourishment it needs to thrive. Then indulge your senses and savor the joys that come with tasting, smelling and receiving your food fully. Strive to make every time you eat a vibrant experience.

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